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Tuscany hot air ballooning at Villa La Cappella

Your hot air balloon flight over Tuscany

The hot air balloon flights starting from Villa La Cappella take place mainly from March to October when the weather is fine. But you can also hop into the basket at other times of the year with favourable weather conditions. If the weather does not allow a start your flight will be postponed a few hours, which is no problem because the start field lies within walking distance to the hotel.

inflating the hot air balloon
inflating the hot air balloon
The duration of the whole tour is approximately 3 hours, including transfers.

In any event, the final decision about the real possibility of the flight is unquestionably the pilot's for the safety of the participants. The Villa La Cappella hot air balloon can hold up to a maximum of four passengers including the pilot, and the flight is recommended for comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

Preparing for your hot air balloon flight

Your experience of the hot air balloon flight starts the evening before with the view of a video which will show you the experiences of past flights. Then Patrick, your private pilot, will give you all neccessary information relative to your forthcoming flight.

The next day in the relaxing atmosphere of Tuscany, half an hour after sunrise or in the evening, one hour before sunset, you will meet the pilot and the team ready to reach the balloon start field just a few hundred meters from hotel Villa La Cappella.

the Villa La Cappella hot air balloon lifting off
the hot air balloon lifting off

Getting in the basket and lift off

Your hot air balloon flight usually lasts about an hour and a half, starting directly from hotel Villa La Cappella's balloon field. All participants can work together to inflate the hot air balloon and take part in this very exciting experience at all stages prior to takeoff.

happy hot air balloonists after landing
happy balloonists after landing

After you boarded the basket the hot air balloon takes off safely assisted by our staff. Our means of recovery will follow the route from the ground and will maintain a constant radio contact with the balloon until we reach the landing site.

decollage en douceur
view video “soft start”

After getting back to the ground

Immediately after the landing the first flight will be celebrated as usual, with a final toast and breakfast - or dinner if your flight is in the evening - bar set up in Villa La Cappella or in the hotel's terrace, when weather permits.

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